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Online metabolic health clinic to help you lose weight after 40 and have a healthy long-term lifestyle

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At my Metabolic Health Clinic, the focus is on improving your diet and health. By balancing blood sugar levels, cleansing the liver and improving the quality of the digestive system and gut flora, I’ve helped many clients reset metabolism by teaching them about nutrition and coaching to find the motivation and willpower to lose weight easily and enjoy the freedom of feeling confident and healthy for the rest of their lives.

Metabolic Health Clinic
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Metabolic Health Benefits

As a registered nutritional therapist, let me educate you about the benefits of boosting your metabolic pathways to improve your metabolic health to lose weight - and keep it off long term in my online weight loss clinic.

  • Boost your metabolism > lose weight

  • Feel confident > fit into your favourite clothes

  • Improve metabolic health age > reduce tummy fat

  • Reduce menopause symptoms > get a good night's sleep

  • Burn body fat > enjoy the right foods for you


Metabolic Health Clinic For Weight Loss

Weight loss solutions for men and women

If you’re struggling to lose weight and managing other symptoms such as headaches, extreme tiredness, lack of energy and interrupted sleep patterns, then it’s likely that your metabolic pathways are out of balance.

Our metabolic health drives our metabolism (and therefore how much energy we burn and how much we store as fat), but it can also affect our general health, causing a variety of conditions including high blood pressure, pre-diabetes with medication, arthritis and even cardiovascular disease.

The good news is that we can improve our metabolic health and boost our metabolism which will help us lose weight and feel healthier.

Metabolic Health Issues

Regularly dieting, alcohol, eating rich foods or the odd treat, even only at weekends, all have an affect on your metabolic pathways.

  • The dips and spikes we feel when our blood sugars are out of balance can lead to dizziness, weakness, extreme thirst and headaches.

  • If our liver is overloaded with sugar and fat, it can’t detox properly. The result is inflammation which can lead to stiff joints, back pain and arthritis.

  • If we have bad bacteria in our gut, we can develop food intolerances, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating, leaky gut and auto-immune disease.

These are the everyday symptoms when our metabolic pathways are out of balance. As a consequence, we put on hard-to-shift weight, particularly around the middle, and especially when we’re 40+ years old.

The good news is that improving our metabolic health helps both men and women lose weight from the areas that they want to (around the middle) and feel healthier.

It’s also particularly good for women experiencing menopausal symptoms as these are largely brought on by metabolic and hormonal changes. By balancing both our metabolic health and our hormones, we can often see a reduction in these symptoms.

How does Metabolic Health Work?

Yo-yo dieting and quick fixes don’t work – and they can often create a downward spiral as we try in vain to achieve a magical weight goal. Strict calorie counting and denying ourselves what we want to eat is useless if our metabolic pathways aren’t working properly.

Your current nutrition plan could be exacerbating your gut microbiome bacteria which will probably result in you regaining any weight you lose within weeks. Even so called ‘healthy food’ – apples, celery, spinach and raspberries for example – could be influencing your metabolic pathways to store fat rather than helping you to lose weight.

Restoring balance to our blood sugars, and the hormones that influence how much energy we burn and where weight is stored is the most effective way to lose weight and feel healthier.

It’s about understanding which nutrition plan is right for you AND influencing your habits and behaviours about what and how you choose to eat each day. These factors are essential to adjusting how your body absorbs and metabolises the food that you eat.

Metabolic Health Age?

Learn more about the importance of your metabolic health age to help you lose weight for your long term health.

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Metabolic Health Clinic - FAQs

How does my metabolic health help me to lose weight?

Resetting our metabolic pathways balances the hormones that have an effect on how we burn energy and where fat is stored on our body.

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. But stress, yo-yo dieting, sugar, carbs, alcohol and medication can also cause hormonal imbalances and this leads to bad health and weight gain, particularly around the middle.

What are the benefits of a metabolic health coach?

Often we don’t know where to start, sometimes we lack the motivation to continue. A metabolic health coach can help you understand why it’s hard to lose weight as you get older, and give you a step-by-step plan to help you make changes, lose weight and feel healthier.

How much does a metabolic health coach cost?

A Metabolic Health Coach may charge from £45 per month for group online sessions and 6-week courses from £195 to £675 for private coaching. 

You can start to learn more about metabolic health for free, take Metabolic Age Test to find out your current metabolic age, it like your basal metabolic age but takes into account your food choices and lifestyle. 

Can a health coach help with menopausal symptoms?

Yes. As menopausal symptoms are largely brought on by metabolic and hormonal changes, if we can balance both our metabolic pathways and our hormones, we can often see a reduction in these symptoms.

Read more about Metabolic Diet Plan which can help balance hormones and lose weight during peri-menopausal years.  

How can I lose weight around my middle?

By balancing your blood sugar hormones, cleansing your liver function and improving gut function. 

If blood sugar levels are out of balance, larger quantities of insulin are released and this stores excess energy, or fat, around the tummy. If the liver is overloaded, it also produces more insulin. By balancing our metabolic pathways, we can control our weight better and lose tummy fat faster.

Learn more Metabolic Diet Plan - a simple nutrition plan that can help you gain control of your blood sugar and teach you how to find the motivation and willpower to enjoy food and easily lose weight after 40. 

Does metabolic diet plan work for men?

Yes – I’ve seen great success in metabolic diet plan and for men. It isn’t a diet – it’s a metabolic health plan. If you can change your habits and understand how metabolic pathways affect your weight, you’re on the road to looking better and feeling fitter.

Read more about how the Metabolic Diet Plan works.. CLICK HERE

What is my basal metabolic rate?

Your basal metabolic rate (or BMR) is the number of calories your body requires to keep it functioning when you’re resting. It’s also known as your rate of metabolism calculated from your height, weight, body %, muscle mass weight and water contents. 

A BMR is a better health indicator than your BMI as this is about your volume or mass, not the internal biochemistry of your body

Learn more about your Metabolic Health Age Click HERE

Metabolic Health Age?

Learn more about the importance of your metabolic health age to help you lose weight for your long term health.

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