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A Trilingual Q&A on Living Abroad, Post-COVID Advice, and More financial diet

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In this episode, Chelsea answers some of your most pressing questions in English, French, *and* Spanish. Here all about why she’s learning a third language, and what this hopefully means for the future of TFD.

Watch more of The Financial Diet hosted by Chelsea Fagan here:

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A Trilingual Q&A on Living Abroad, Post-COVID Advice, and More

A Trilingual Q&A on Living Abroad, Post-COVID Advice, and More

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A Trilingual Q&A on Living Abroad, Post-COVID Advice, and More
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39 thoughts on “A Trilingual Q&A on Living Abroad, Post-COVID Advice, and More financial diet”

  1. You're Spanish is great! I'm excited for the Spanish content. I like how you are thinking of bringing on someone else but I do want to make it clear, I hope some day you feel comfortable taking on those discussions because I would love to hear your rants in Spanish.

  2. Muy bien tu español Ashley, vas super bien👍. Me gustó mucho este video. Me gusta mucho el francés, lo he estudiado, ojalá algún día logre ser tan buena como tú hablándolo🙏. Quizás nos podrías compartir algunos de tus consejos sobre aprender lenguas extranjeras(o algún tema similar sobre los idiomas y el mundo laboral).
    El inglés lo entiendo mejor y me gusta mucho su el canal. Muy buena su idea la de hacer videos en español, yo seguro los compartiría con más personas. Saludos desde México y ¡mucho éxito.!

  3. I love that Chelsea is doing this. As someone who is bilingual (English and Spanish), and trying to become trilingual (French via duolingo), this is goals! You did soooooo well Chelsea, and you should be so proud!

    I know TFD staff probably won't see this, but I love Chelsea's decor so much, and would love for them to put links to where we could buy some of the stuff in her background. That big poster in her background is so lovely.

  4. This is exactly what I need. I speak and do business in English and French and am working on my Spanish with plans to spend a quarter of the year in a Spanish speaking country. TFD content in Spanish would really help me practice!

  5. To be honest I LOVED this video. As a fellow trilingual (English, Spanish, French,) this was awesome to watch. It took me so long to be confident while speaking Spanish and travelling/immersing myself in the language gave me an amazing boost to speak and finally become fluent! I'm nowhere near fluent in French, but I can relate with constantly mixing up my "et" and "y." I can't wait for the French/American women video.

  6. Ahh I think it's so cool to see multilingual content from a channel that's not language-focused! I'm all for having less homogenous English content everywhere on the web, even as someone who is still only really a fluent English speaker haha (language learning takes a long old time)

  7. I love your content and I think the reason why your Chanel is growing an a way you dint see coming ,is because people identify with your realism and vulnerability . Thank you for opening a platform where woman's can actually learn good advise and not be judge . Im from small town in Mexico .When I was 21 I graduated from college and star working, I hate my career, when I realize how fake and superfluous was the media. So I decide to be come an au pair for just a year, in NY. so I can lear English , family and friend, tall me I was gonna fail and no survive more than a month ,That is 8 years ago . I lear a new language and found the love of my life . As legal immigrant your videos had help me to lear a easy way in American economy. I cant thank you enough for the good tips and advices ,thank you for try opening to new audicenses we where all ready here

  8. C'est drôle comme ta voix change en fonction des langues! Tu as une voix beaucoup plus aiguë en français. Je suis bilingue aussi et je sais pas si c'est le cas pour moi! Un peu comme Céline Dion qui perd son accent en chantant…. d'ailleurs tu as un petit accent québécois très mignon. Bises du Sud de la France!

  9. Do any other spanish speakers cringe when they see the mexican flag as the “Logo” for the spanish language? Its seems to be used everywhere, on all platforms… dont people realize that spanish is from spain, not mexico? It would be like using the canadian flag or senegalese flags to rep the french language instead of using the actual french flag.

  10. Thank you so much for doing this. It really inspired me to try Spanish again. This was amazing to see, and again, thank you so much for the push to just do it and don't worry about looking silly.

  11. Me gusta como suena tu voz en los tres idiomas. <3
    El contenido en español será súper para los latinos, he aprendido mucho en TFD.

    Saludos desde Guatemala.

  12. Chelsea, merci beaucoup beaucoup pour les soustitres en francais, it has shown me how much my french has deteriorated over the years :'( but thank you for doing this! I could extend my accountability for french and spanish as well

  13. You need to do more. Yea you messed up on some words but girl you did amazing as a starter. I want more videos! You won’t mess up as much next time. It’s all about practice! I loved this! Thank you

  14. I am SO happy that you are doing this! I have thought of offering to caption some of the simplest and shortest videos because I think they would help my non-English speaking friends so much… I think them hearing from you directly in Spanish will actually be much better. Fuerza! 💪

  15. Ça était impressionnant! Your French is 👌🏼!
    As a native Spanish speaker living in a German speaking city, I needed to hear that reminder at the end to PUT MYSELF OUT THERE.
    Viel Erfolg/ Mucho éxito, Chelsea! 💯

  16. Que emoción ver qué viene contenido en español para el canal. Creo que en Latinoamérica hace falta este tipo de contenido. Sería bueno ver el tema de inversiones desde Centroamérica. Espero con ansias! Y su español está muy bien, siga adelante. Love from Costa Rica 🥰🥰🥰

  17. Thank you so much for doing this! I took French way back in high school, but I've been getting back into learning over the course of the pandemic. Lessons are great, but getting to hear someone speak French in a more normal conversational setting is so helpful for language learning, and getting to watch a TFD video in French is so great.

  18. I love this video!!!! I’m bilingual, trying to be trilingual living abroad. I’ve had it easy being bilingual in my work place . But I suffer in the real world (my own fault). I don’t care if I talk like a 2 year old or feel stupid I’m going to practice my third language.

  19. Thanks for the super cool video! And you've inspired me to take up Dutch again–especially since that damn owl from Duolingo won't leave me alone!

  20. As someone who has been learning Spanish for a while (formally in high school and college and informally post graduation via apps), it's very interesting to see how people problem solve when they don't know the exact words/ phrases. As someone who's not fluent, I can understand what Chelsea is saying even if she's using a round about way of saying it (which comes when learning a language!). It really shows that you don't need to have perfect Spanish (or whatever language) for those to understand you.

    I cognitively knew that growing up in an immigrant family but it's different seeing someone else doing it

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