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Home » Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021

Mining on asteroids sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it could soon become a reality. Nations and powerful corporations already have plans for such ventures and are hard at work staking their claim to resources from space.

How can economic growth continue unfettered once all the earth’s resources have been consumed? Major companies and governments have long been working on plans to exploit the resources to be found in the vastness of space. How far are humans from achieving this? This documentary examines the technological requirements of space mining. It also assesses how great the desire is to find new sources of raw materials. The film touches on scientific and fundamental societal issues – including humanity’s craving for new territories and our degradation of the Earth as we attempt to exploit all our planet has to offer.

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Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary

Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary

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Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary
technology documentary 2021
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50 thoughts on “Asteroids – a new El Dorado in space? | DW Documentary technology documentary 2021”

  1. Great documentary, one criticism though is the lack of discussion on the challenges from an engineering standpoint. Getting anywhere beyond the moon and back is going to take HUGE amounts of DeltaV, the only feasible method to do it is via nuclear thermal rockets and or nuclear electric ion engines (or VASIMRs, if they ever work out the kinks), and this is all just a stop-gap, the Holy Grail of rocket propulsion is the Nuclear Saltwater Rocket, which theoretically could get us to Jupiter and back in 6 months.

  2. We really do not need to wait until 2023 for Hayabusa 2, because it has already delivered those asteroid samples by dropping a sample-return capsule while flying past Earth and starting extended mission phase.
    By using a parachute, the capsule landed to Australia in December, 2020. 2023 is the year when OSIRIS-REx will reach Earth.

  3. This sounds STUPID. We should focus on solve the problems. Not create more of them.
    And nowadays, whenever they say "… for humanity"… We really should pay attention for the second intentions from those "dedicated scientists".
    Nice new way to scam people tho… im getting notes.

  4. I think the solution with mining is to have the asteroid of our choice orbit around the sun, close enough to melt. Maybe a series of close detonation can help the asteroid make its way toward the sun, hopefully we can measure what speed and what angle it should approach the sun, in order to get it close enough to melt it thoroughly, if timed right we can have it get close enough to earth to orbit earth.

  5. Awkward that the young space tycoons first truth claim was wildly false… Earth's circumference is roughly 36,000km (actually 40,000) not it's diameter…. Off by a factor of 3. Cool factoid… The kilometer was originally defined as being 1/10000 of the distance from pole to equator… ie Earth's circumference is 40,000 km by definitiion

  6. Didn't human race land on the Moon in 1969 with spacecraft engineered with pencil and slide ruler ? In case of SpaceX, did not McDonnel Douglas made vertical landing in 1997 ? These people are recycling old ideas and concepts and spectacularly present them as something revolutionary.

  7. The Asteroid belt, is / are, the remains of the 5th planet – possibly destroyed by its inhabitants who fled to Mars , eventually haveing a nuclear war, several thousand years ago – there's decaying radioactive elements in the atmosphere that are consistent wit that scenario. The 'Martians, managed to protect the planets water, via a water moon. After this nuclear war the Martians fled to Earth, where they remain today. Think about it, our propensity for violence towards our own, will be our downfall – Cooperate, or extinction the Changes need be made now, yet may not suffice to avert that which is to come.
    Namaste 🙏 💟

  8. Art Bell's pal, Dr.Charles Henry Harpole released his new book "UFOs
    Now !" Amazon Kindle allows you to evaluate US Congress sum of scanned
    metal crafts, Are you in trouble?

  9. I have no doubt this will happen, probably sooner rather than later:
    a) we have to go to the space
    b) resources on Earth are limited and the only known other source are asteroids
    c) people are competitive – a little Bezos' excursion surely made other billionaires and govs anxious – no one will want to get to much of that pie
    b) we are curious 🙂
    So, yeah Arne is right it's a prequel to The Expanse

  10. Human roaches on earth, messing it up, and now thinking of digging somewhere else in space. Hey, the sun offers all of the gold and diamonds if your tin-can rocket can take the heat getting there. Not impressed? A little rock won't do the job, not enough shiny stuff.

  11. I'm all for being responsible stewards and all but if it's a dead planet with no life then it's free loot . . . . . . but why strip mine a planet when you can just rip apart an asteroid for its riches: it'll be the gold rush that will never end.

  12. Amazon is going to use the proposed solutions to get to places like Teegarden b to mine the asteroid belt?

    If you put some landing thrust behind and adjacent to the lander, you could sort of blow back the debris onto the anchor you send in, and dump water or something on it with liquid nitrogen to have the inertia of a big frozen lump anchoring you? Nope, all the heavier stuff is in the middle over time of a floating debris cloud asteroid, so you have to get a big corkscrew into it and you start mining as soon as you're on the asteroid?

    Nightmare engineering problem..

  13. I bet they even claim that they own the meteorite before even landing on them or even get to them this is crapshoot for a privateers who want to stealing the values

  14. True it is time to stop mining on Earth and think about space bound asteroid which could be the remains of planets. No need of digging and destroying the landscape or polluting it it is a good idea till we must have a way of space mining and how sure are we that there is,a kilometer wide asteroid devoid of soil but in ore form that could be melted down. How many are there to make it feasible even in 20 to 30 years time. If Elon Musk had come out 20 years ago maybe we are now spacebound already. Let us heed the call of the late sciencetist Dr. Stephen Hawking if it is not too late. We can use AI to do dangerous job like space mining not the one that Elon Musk making them in our image as some rogue scientist wants to, thus think independently like humans such that they might have other ideas.

  15. During this video I experienced:
    1. Excitement at the possibilities
    2. Negativity of these possibilities
    3. Food cravings
    4. Disappointment for eating excess

  16. This is a pretty terrible business model. The valuations of asteroids are based on current commodity prices. If you were able to recover an asteroid worth quintillions of dollars and bring it to earth you would crash the market.

  17. The thing is that wicked man still exploit these so called journeys to improve humanity. What kind of new evils will these men create by mining asteroids? The current enterprises still violate human rights and abuse low income individuals.
    I don't see how this would help humanity.
    I do see the rich benefiting mostly. Sorry to bust your dreams. Fixing the problems here will give us plenty of resources.

  18. Honestly If there’s a chance of sustainably exploiting space resources, then why not take the risk. The last thing I’d want is my children and children’s children to scramble for resources that are cornered by gov’ts and individuals.

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