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Europe Just Made Apple REAL Angry c technology channel

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It’s looking like Europe will force Apple to update all of it’s products to USB-C within the next few years. Apple isn’t happy.

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Europe Just Made Apple REAL Angry

Europe Just Made Apple REAL Angry

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#Europe #Apple #REAL #Angry
Europe Just Made Apple REAL Angry
c technology channel
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46 thoughts on “Europe Just Made Apple REAL Angry c technology channel”

  1. The European Union is a bunch of incontinent old whiners. Trust me, I lived there and it is just grandstanding and AAPL knows it. Give me a break, soon we will all need to run our cars on Michelin tires because that is so European. Of course… just my opinion. Apple should do this because it makes sense, not because some diaper wearing old government person tells them to do this. LOL – be careful not to teach Carlos to fly….

  2. I'm sure this is going to be unpopular but whatever, I'd like phone layouts and cases to be standardized too because if people think the plastic waste from incompatible chargers is bad just wait until we see how many plastic phone cases people go through. And so much of it is because they can't pick where to put the damn camera lol Just leave it where tf it is, its fine.

  3. They're the one who decided that removing the headphone jack was a good idea. I switched to Android and bought a Galaxy S10 for that specific reason. Going backwards is a stupid new "feature".

  4. This is a garbage law. You want the government to decide what charger you use? What happens when we move past usbc and the government chooses the wrong type or just chooses the new charging type that tech companies do not want to use or is inferior.

    The eu is doing nothing to apple at all they have been telegraphing this for years and the last two years have had rumors of a phone with no ports. Apple has to be laughing at the idiots in the eu to think this would really bother them when it had to be accepted that it would be coming years ago.

  5. I still have my iPhone XS Max from fall of 2018 and this phone still works like day 1 and also the battery in it. If your into photos and recording videos and it’s something you need that’s the only way i can justify to buy one.

  6. I'm not surprised they still use the lightning port, probably make a killing selling them. There is a lot of decent usbc cables and that would probably eat into there profits.

  7. Oh and by the way, the whole charger thing is not actually better for the environment anyway. Because the more power efficient a phone is charged, the better it is overall. Not to mention how wiring goes bad in old chargers. The consumer isn't going to pretend this doesn't matter. And all smartphones are terrible when it comes to the whole chain of production and environment. No such thing as a CO2 neutral Apple chain of production. Ironically it shouldn't even be possible to force a standard onto companies like this. Just for the sake of monopolies and fair competition. Regardless of whether or not it is better for the environment or not though, this will set precedents in all new ways we don't expect. What's next? They're going to force us to use the same wifi router, because it is deemed 'the best for the environment' next? It's a very slippery slope. And I don't even like Apple (as a brand, some of their products don't suck, but all of them are too expensive for what they are). And just because something is USB-C, doesn't mean all USB-C chargers are suitable for any random smartphone. If they want to deal with the waste problem, they will have to focus on different things. And some things will literally never change.

  8. I agree with you but, I have to correct you about iPhone charging cable deteriorating. It has to do with the material used for the cable in the first place not because it"s a lightening cable.

  9. Fucking finally. I’m sick and tired of proprietary cables. Standards exist for a reason and it’s absolutely clear that apple is just doing it for control and more recently price gouging. I shouldn’t have to pay extra for the brick and the damn cable.

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