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Get the five secrets to boost your metabolism to lose weight within days

How to fix a slow metabolism

Learn how to fix a slow metabolism so you can start to burn fat and lose weight – in just five simple steps? 

There are five simple steps to fixing your metabolism that personal trainers and dieticians simply don’t know about. But over the last ten years working as a professional nutritionist and metabolic health coach, I’ve helped clients lose weight, burn fat and feel healthier, just by following these simple steps. I’ve helped them fix their metabolism within days..

Learn how to fix my metabolism

You will be able to.. 

  • Balance your blood sugars
  • Become a fat burning machine
  • Gain muscle mass without stepping into a gym
  • Learn how to stop storing fat from healthy foods
  • Implement simple effective ways to cleanse your liver
  • Improve your gut flora to absorb essential nutrients.

How to improve a slow metabolism?

Learn how to fix your slow metabolism via an online coaching course

The boost your metabolism simple educational guide will educate you to understand how your metabolic pathways are being affected by your current food choices and lifestyle.

But do you know that you can also fix your metabolism so that you can lose weight and keep it off long-term?

Do you know that it’s possible to reset your metabolic pathways and restore balance to your metabolism so you can feel healthier and happier in your clothes?

There are five simple steps to fixing your metabolism that most personal trainers and dieticians simply don’t know about. If they did, they would charge you hourly session fees rather than educate you to implement the steps by yourself.

Not me - as a professional nutritionist and metabolic health coach, I’ve helped clients lose weight, burn fat and feel healthier, by educating them to follow these simple steps. I’ve helped them fix their metabolism.

How to repair a slow metabolism

When did it become so difficult to lose those first pounds? 

It’s simple, right? You just eat less and exercise more? But is that working? Are you feeling any better or are you frustrated, fatigued and even fatter?

If you’re over 40 years old,  feeling stressed, overwhelmed with work and family commitments, you may feel like your body isn’t working like it used to. Maybe you have some niggling aches and pains, gut issues or bloating? And your sleep patterns are irregular?

Are you fed up feeling like this?

  • Tired and exhausted
  • Bloated most days
  • Depressed about your weight
  • Uncomfortable in your clothes
  • Getting older and ageing faster than you want to
  • Exercising and dieting with no results
  • Do you avoid looking in the mirror?
  • Do you stay away from social events to avoid seeing people and temptation?

As we naturally get older, our metabolic process slows down and as well as gaining weight, we can develop some health conditions. You’ll also find out that it can be fixed…

How Can I Reset My Metabolism?

Have you tried and failed to lose weight? Do you eat well and exercise regularly, but you still can’t shed those excess pounds?

If this is the case, it’s likely that your metabolic health has aged quicker than you have. When you read my guide ‘How to boost your metabolism after 40’, you’ll realise that our three functional nutrition pathways need to be regularly maintained and repaired after any period of stress or overload.

It’s a bit like comparing an old car to a shiny new car, one that has all the latest technology and clean parts that work together seamlessly. An old car has had to cope with years of dirt, dust and wear so its parts are slower, less efficient. It probably needs more fuel to go the same distance as a newer model. Maybe it creates more emissions because the exhaust has to work harder to do the same job.

After years of yo-yo dieting and eating too much rich food, our bodies are the same as an old car. As we age our bodies struggle to maintain the balance we need just to keep moving forward – our blood sugar hormones, liver function and gut flora get stuck, they work more slowly, or not at all.

How to fix a slow metabolism after yo-yo dieting

Would you like to learn how to clean up our body parts, reset our pathways and get everything flowing properly again?

It’s important to understand that your body will always aim to keep you alive, so if one area of your metabolism slows down, others will pick up the slack. This is a great back-up, but not so good when you’re asking more from your body, for example during exercise, while you’re dealing with stress or grief, when work is busy, you have family problems or your health is suffering.

If your gut is unable to absorb the nutrients from your food and your liver can’t clear the toxins from medication, then your blood sugar hormones will very quickly go out of balance. As a result, you’ll crave high fat, rich or sweet foods.

When your body is under stress, the energy from these types of foods will get stored as fat to use as energy later.

This is because your metabolic pathways are unsure when you’ll next be under pressure or when the next meal is coming, so it prefers to store energy close by (around the tummy), especially when your liver is congested or full of sugar.

Initially, this response is fine but after many years of yo-yo dieting, your body figures out that it’s easier to release more hormones into your gut – particularly ghrelin – to make you feel hungry. This causes you to seek more food rather than revving up your metabolic pathways and metabolising the previously stored fat.

Over the last ten years in the clinic, I’ve developed a metabolic health coaching system that enables my clients to implement a personalised nutrition plan into their lifestyles. It’s a highly successful way to lose weight, but not all of us can afford one-to-one metabolic health coaching.

So let’s start with the most effective part of a client’s journey which is overcoming their habits and behaviours – changing what they do, rather than what they eat.

Metabolic Health Coach

Many clients come to me because they’re frustrated and confused about why they can no longer lose even a few pounds. Why do they feel so tired and depressed about their weight when they eat well and go to the gym or walk every day?

I’ve been working as a metabolic health coach with men and women just like you for over ten years in clinic. However, when I first started my clinical practice the focus was 100% on the nutrition plan. I would spend hours with clients talking about food lists and recipes to help them lose weight.

But what I've discovered is eye-opening. And it’s this – that once you know what to eat, real success comes from changing your habits and behaviours. I found that the best thing I could do to help my clients was to be a coach, to help them implement changes into their lifestyle. I’d discovered an important secret – that the most important part of any metabolic diet plan is what you do, rather than what you eat.

It took me a few failures to understand how important it is to coach people to implement a metabolic diet plan, but I’ve finally perfected how to do it – to help people improve their metabolic health age, lose weight and feel healthier.

Metabolic Health Age

You can also reset your metabolic health age, just like my private clients have done – and you can do it for a fraction of the cost.

My online coaching course ‘How to fix a slow metabolism’ will tell you all you need to know about how you can get your three metabolic pathways flowing again. It’s about resetting our blood sugar hormones, cleansing the liver and balancing the gut flora.

It’s NOT a diet and I’m not going to ask you to invest time and money in some amazing new diet plan and guarantee that it’ll work for you. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution to losing weight – we’re all different and completely unique.

So when I say there are five simple steps to losing weight, I mean that if we change our habits and behaviours, we can boost our metabolism, improve our health and lose weight into the bargain.

It’s about what we do, rather than what we eat!

Fix My Slow Metabolism

Get instant access to ‘How to fix a slow metabolism' online course. I will guide you through each step and explain in detail the habits and behaviours my successful private clients implement from our coaching sessions.

You’ll learn in just five simple steps the coaching lessons you need to follow in order to fix your metabolism that will help you change your habits and lose weight long-term.

I’m giving you the chance to access the knowledge and expertise I’ve gained over ten years as a metabolic health coach at a hugely discounted price - it is important to me that you understand how to make simple changes to improve your metabolic health.

How to Fix a Slow Metabolism

Are you ready to fix your metabolism, stop storing body fat, and lose weight to improve your metabolic health?

You can get immediate access to how to fix a slow metabolism online course and start your journey today..

How can I fix a slow metabolism, lose weight and keep it off?

Inside the ‘How to fix a slow metabolism' online course you’ll find five simple steps to fix your metabolism.

Each module contains explanation videos of each step, with clear actions for you to implement each week. It'll help you understand more about the impact your lifestyle and food choices have on your metabolic health.

You’ll have access to my experience and knowledge as a metabolic health coach and I’ll help you change your habits so that you can start losing weight and feeling better.

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

You can continue to waste your money hoping that the next NEW diet will work. Or keep hoping that life will get easier so you will have the time to improve your metabolic health to lose weight. Let me be honest with you - the reality is this will never happen. 

  • Keep feeling tired > every day (mood swings)
  • Counting calories, points or sins > rather than enjoying your food (depressing)
  • Feel bloated after eating > even healthy food (not sure what to eat)
  • Feel uncomfortable in your favourite clothes > nothing fits (and you can't afford to buy more)
  • Gaining excess weight around the middle > feels impossible to shift (worrying about your health)
  • Exercising and dieting > absolutely no improvement (losing willpower)
  • Checking your weight every day > feeling depressed due to lack of change (losing motivation)

What's included in ‘How to fix a slow metabolism' online course?

  • 1 Five simple easy-to-follow lessons
  • 2 A step-by-step guide on how to implement change
  • 3 Video tutorials to talk you through every step
  • 4 A comment box so you can ask as many questions as you like
  • 5 Closed Facebook group so you can chat and share experiences with other members
  • 6 Unlimited access – there’s no time limit to changing your habits and starting to feel fabulous again!
  • 7 SOS call – you can book a call with Jen if you feel you're not following the plan.

Before you sign up to yet another diet and continue to feel the frustration of yo-yo dieting, before you spend another penny on diet plans or calorie-counting recipes, first let me help you find the willpower and motivation to fix your metabolism.

CHECKLIST - Please DO NOT get started if you want any of the following..

  • To drop 7lbs in 7 days
  • Drop a dress size for a party or next holiday
  • Be told what to eat
  • To count your sins and points for treat meals at the weekend
  • Under 40 years old
  • Want an exericse training program

My approach to metabolic health coaching is to be open and honest with you. I will educate, encourage and challenge you to commit to changing your habits and behaviours for your long-term metabolic health to find your natural weight.

Join me online! Let me help you fix your slow metabolism

Get started today for ONLY £7 - Learn how to fix slow metabolism to lose weight


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