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Your options from here are to purchase Jen’s 4-week Nutrition e-plan and implement your 4-week nutrition plan into your life and enjoy the freedom of healthy eating and weight management or seek professional help to make the change and address weight-loss and health issues with the individual biochemistry based Metabolic Balance.

Once you have completed the Metabolic Balance programme the maintenance and ongoing support from are provided via Jen’s Nutri- Club for ongoing coaching and support online.

To get started, before you make any decisions make sure you have read the FREE e-Book for STOP Yo-Yo Dieting and Jen’s Nutri- Skin e-Book, click the link book your a FREE Consult, from there Jen will guide you through the most suitable nutrition plan to match your health needs.

In your FREE consultation, you will learn all about what included in your session and how my advice can influence your biochemistry to help your body to achieve the results you want. It is important that you understand how your body works so we can achieve optimal results by working together.

Jen Adams -  Functional Medicine Approach 


Since graduating in 2012, nutritional therapy has formed the foundation for my clinical practice, by working with clients to restore metabolic function for weight loss and to gain control of their overall health.  Over the years, my personal journey and relationships with food have led me to specialise in weight-loss and natural anti-ageing solutions. My approach to understanding your biochemistry by providing nutritional education and coaching combined with the natural approach to aesthetics treatments results in long-term feeling of confidence and youthfulness. Instead of short-term quick fix diets and treatments, my preference is to find functional solutions to understanding the underlying health issues that are causing the weight gain and skin conditions.

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