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Take control of your health, lose weight and feel fabulous – find your confidence with your own online weight-loss coach 

Metabolic health expert in weight loss for men and women

My approach is to educate and coach clients to achieve long-term weight loss over the age of 40. I do this by helping them reset their metabolic pathways and showing them how to boost their metabolism to find a natural healthy weight.

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Metabolic Health Coach Benefits

  • Help you understand your metabolic health and why it’s so hard to lose weight

  • Give you a simple step-by-step plan so you can start to make changes

  • Give you the encouragement and motivation to make those changes

  • Help you boost your metabolism to start burning fat effectively.

Jen Adams metabolic health coach

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Online Weight Loss Coach

It’s more important that I concentrate on improving my clients' confidence, and helping them feel youthful and energised rather than focusing on the number on the scales every day.

Instead of short-term quick-fix diets and supplements, I prefer to find functional nutrition and coaching behaviours so we can identify the underlying issues that influence weight gain in the first place.

I work with both men and women, as an online weight loss coach, helping them restore the balance of their metabolic pathways, and in doing so, I’ve seen many of them lose up to 14 lbs within the first 4 weeks.

Metabolic Health Coach

Online health coaching expert in weight loss for men and women

Nutrition is a complicated world of research and contradictions. Even after ten years of education and clinical practice, I learn new things every day about how nutrition influences the human body.

I graduated from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 2012. Originally, nutrition was the foundation for my clinical practice, but my focus is now on clients who want to restore their metabolic health, as this is the most efficient way to lose weight over the age of 40 and gain control of the inflammatory markers that cause weight gain.

Why Metabolic Coaching?

My role as a online health coach is to give you the willpower and motivation you need to lose weight and keep it off for your long-term health. It’s about finding inner confidence in the body you have, shaking off limitations and bad habits and feeling healthier, both physically and mentally.

Many clients I see are over 40 and have gained weight that they can’t shift, particularly around the middle. They may have tried plenty of diets before, but always put weight back on quickly. Or they may eat ‘healthy foods’, but they still can’t shift those stubborn pounds.

The truth is that if your metabolic pathways have become out of balance, you’ll find weight harder to lose, and you’ll probably put it back on within weeks.

  • Weight loss that stays off
  • No dieting – a freedom to enjoy the food you want
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • The confidence to feel good in what you wear and rediscover your waistline!
  • A reduction in menopause symptoms
  • Younger looking skin

How do I know if metabolic online coaching is right for me?

Are you lacking in energy? Do you wake up feeling unrested and are your sleep patterns all over the place? Do you constantly start new diets, then fail and put weight back on quickly? Has losing a few pounds here and there become a massive struggle?

If you’re over 40, male or female, and you’ve been carrying too much weight (more than 14 lbs) for a few years, then metabolic health coaching is a good option for you.

If you’ve also noticed some health issues – aches and pains, bloating, food intolerances, IBS, allergies for example – then it’s very likely that your metabolic health is out of balance.

Understanding how to reset it can also help you learn how your everyday food choices can affect your long-term health.

Metabolic Health Age?

Learn more about the importance of your metabolic health age to help you lose weight for your long term health.

How much does metabolic health coaching cost?

Not everyone can invest lots of time and money into one-to-one metabolic health coaching. And I know there’s a wealth of contradictory information about nutrition and weight loss out there. It can be overwhelming and confusing and you might be thinking, ‘is this just another diet?’ The answer is no!

I’ve perfected a simple and effective way to improve your metabolic health so that your body can start burning fat. By implementing it, you’ll be gaining control of both your weight and your long-term health.

I created the metabolic health academy to give clients access to the expertise I’ve gained from working with men and women who want to lose weight and feel healthier.

Over 10 years, I’ve developed coaching skills that help my clients find the motivation and willpower they need to change their behaviour and their habits – and find success.

Through downloads, videos and online tutorials, I can help you understand the effects your habits and behaviours have on your metabolic health.

You can reset your body's metabolic pathways and get your body burning fat again, naturally - at the fraction of the cost.

Metabolic health is important for weight loss

Learning how to boost your metabolism is the most important part of my metabolic health coaching programmes.

It’s important for you to understand how it works before you try and lose any weight.

Everyone’s different, but once we reach 40 our metabolism naturally slows down. By answering a few questions about your diet and lifestyle in my free ‘find your metabolic age’ quiz, you can see for yourself how healthy your metabolism is and start to think about how to make improvements to your metabolic health.

Understanding where your metabolism is now is the starting point to help you make changes and take control of your weight. Balancing your blood sugars, cleansing your liver and improving your gut flora is the only way to boost your metabolism and start burning fat.

Metabolic Health Coach - FAQs

How can a Metabolic Health Coach help me lose weight?

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. But stress, yo-yo dieting, sugar, carbs, alcohol and medication can also cause hormonal imbalances and this leads to bad health and weight gain, particularly around the middle.

Therefore when deciding to lose weight, calories counting, going to the gym and cutting out sugar, whilst have some benefits, will not result in the level weight loss you want, nor will the weight come from around the middle. 

A metabolic health coach can help you restore the metabolic pathways that balance the hormones which affect how we burn energy and where fat is stored on our body.

What makes a metabolic health coach unique is the nutrition knowledge combined with coaching skills enables you to overcome limiting beliefs and bad behaviours that lead to the initial weight gain. The results is you find the willpower and motivation to lose weight and keep it off long term. 

What are the benefits of a metabolic health coach?

Often we don’t know where to start, sometimes we lack the motivation to continue. A metabolic health coach can help you understand why it’s hard to lose weight, and give you a step-by-step plan to help you make changes, lose weight and feel healthier.

The main benefit of a having a metabolic health coach is they fill the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it - you get results quickly and that last! 

Can re-setting my metabolic health help with menopause symptoms?

As menopausal symptoms are largely brought on by small metabolic and hormonal changes that build up over the years, if we can balance both our metabolic pathways and our hormones, we can often see a reduction in these symptoms.

Understanding the importance of blood sugar levels, liver function and gut flora in relation to your hormonal symptoms give you the motivation to follow the nutrition plan as your symptoms can reduce within days.

Find out more about the Metabolic Diet Plan 


How can I lose tummy fat?

To lose tummy fat you need to focus on your metabolic health rather than counting calories. 

As an example; If your blood sugar levels are out of balance, larger quantities of insulin are released and this stores excess energy, or fat, around the tummy. When your liver is overloaded, with either sugar or medications, it also produces more insulin to try and burn the energy you consume. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone. Therefore balancing our metabolic pathways, we can control our weight better and lose tummy fat faster.

How does metabolic health effect men?

When men started to gain weight, they store the excess fat around the middle.  This is a key indicator that their metabolic health is affected by their lifestyle choices. Too much food, little exercise and stress cause the body to produce insulin, the more insulin produced in the body, the more likely the metabolic pathways will store the excessive energy around the middle.

The body likes to keep the stored excess energy close to the organs in case it needs it again for later. However later never comes, as more food comes in so the excess energy remains stored. 

Understanding how you can make changes to your nutrition and lifestyle can improve your long term metabolic health. Take the metabolic health age test to find out the current level of risk your metabolic health is at! 

Can a metabolic health coach help my general health?

Many common conditions are caused by the liver not performing effectively, our blood sugars spiking and dipping, and bad bacteria in the gut. You do not need to be overweight to suffer from arthritis, IBS, bloating, leaky gut, auto-immune diseases and food intolerances.

Restoring the balance in these three metabolic pathways will improve many of these conditions.

Learn more about Metabolic Diet Plan as it not just for weight loss 

Metabolic Health Age?

Learn more about the importance of your metabolic health age to help you lose weight for your long term health.

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