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Home » People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How make money online malaysia 2021

People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How make money online malaysia 2021

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This video is all about how people are making money by selling products through Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. This video really just scratches the surface of it, check out Kevin’s channel if you want to know more

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I decided to make this video because I stumbled upon this world of Amazon selling, and it really changed how I view Amazon in general. I kept seeing videos about Amazon FBA, step by step how to get started, how people were making thousands or millions of dollars on it- and probably like you, watching, kept thinking okay… is this even real? This video breaks it down for people who have never heard of Amazon FBA before, from someone who isn’t trying to sell you anything- I don’t do Amazon FBA, I’m not selling a course on it, I really don’t care if you start Amazon FBA or not I just think it’s interesting and wanted to share it. Comment down below if you’re still reading this far (about what you think of this whole thing), and I’ll reply!

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People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How

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People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How
make money online malaysia 2021
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See all the latest ways to make money online: See more here

42 thoughts on “People Are Becoming Millionaires From Amazon… THIS Is How make money online malaysia 2021”

  1. Sure. Make your millions on Amazon. Keep Bezo's slaves being tortured to death at their job from Amazon's unethical and inhumane business practices… But hey don't lose any sleep over it- so long as you and all your customers get all your worthless crap shipped right to your door so you don't have to get off your lazy ass and go to the store.

  2. <<very informative video you have here, there are several reasons why investment advisors and high net worth investors including major Banks are recognising the benefits of Bitcoin in their strategic asset allocation. Key among them are portfolio diversification, the upside potential versus other assets, and future adoption potential with others like ETFs. (countries like Germany are taking the lead already). So far my trading experience has been awesome for years with the teachings of career trader Rico Alan who has been my portfolio strategist. I started with little over 4BTC, so far i've accumulated more than 6BTC after taxes.>>

  3. Helpful towards further research into selling on Amazon… Most of the videos claim really big profits which makes me suspicious from the beginning… I prefer something simple like a product I make myself and sell them on Amazon… Sure; I can't fulfill orders for thousands, but I can make first come first serve… Not a millionaire but it's a way to make money working for yourself… I would suggest something along the lines of woodworking… They can be small things. A simple back scratcher with a design you made… fake but real looking samurai sword made of wood. You can think of something. Instead of buying what slaves made and jumping up the price for the buyer… I was homeless and I gathered sticks from plants the city always trashes as landfill in their chipper. I cut them and shaped them to carry shopping bags. You know how it digs into your hands when it's heavy, This is like a handle. Exactly like those plastic ones you see. But my wooden ones were better and more comfortable on your hands. They sell quickly in front of busy grocery stores. I charged 2-3 dollars a piece. Price depends where u are selling them. Lots of working people so 2-3 dollars but if u can do it in Burbank or Beverly Hills CA without police problems you can easily get $9…. Poor and working poor neighborhoods- you will sit there and be lucky to sell three of them. The longer you are there the greater your chances of someone complaining. Remember, I was homeless and didn't have selling permit or an area to sell that was city approved. They just tell you to leave if there's a problem. Unless you're stupid enough to refuse to leave.

  4. This is really an amazing video for those who want to move financially, Forex requires the expertise of a professional broker,

    that is why i have made huge profits since i started trading with Mr Marc Burke.

  5. When I shop on Amazin I specifically look for SOLD BY AMAZON. I won't buy from 3rd party sellers. I buy collectible toys so the prices from 3rd party sellers are usually 5x higher than normal. I don't care if it's fulfilled by Amazon if the seller is a greedy scalper/flipper. Amazon charges the regular retail price. All my purchases have to be SOLD BY AMAZON.

  6. Don;t think this is as easy as this. f it was. we would all be doing it right.. be prepared for amazon to bin all your items if 1 or more negative reports or suspect quality control issues

  7. Nice work,I advise you all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are tradn without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow.I was able to make 7bTC in just July from implementing tradess with tips and info from Rico Alan

  8. I wish there was an easy way to raise money. I need about 20,000 to pay off credit cards I used to help my mom out and then later on in her nineties the funeral she wanted.

  9. I live in Canada, I want to support my local business and people working with them. Personally I don't see Amazon is cheap now when you compare with local Canadian stores. For example Canadian Tire some times sells products upto 75% , I always shop branded clothes from Winners which is around $15 -$20. It's little time consuming but you are helping your country and the economy to grow. I want my country to be rich and it's my preference and obligation.

  10. Great video as usual, IMO amazon fba is the most promising online business you can start in 2021, I started in 2017 and currently sell four products. I'm making over $40k per month from these four products; just take action and don't make excuses for yourself; best of luck.

  11. I’m amazed at how many experts are on here crapping on this as a valid opportunity.
    I didn’t realize how many self made millionaires view your content Shelby 🤷‍♂️

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