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The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours technology connections

Seriously. How is this so old and yet so advanced?
We need kitchen appliance reform. Vote YES on prop SRCT.

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The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours

The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours

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The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours
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36 thoughts on “The Antique Microwave Oven that's Better than Yours technology connections”

  1. modern microwaves are trash when they could be so much better. i hate that i have to look up on the table inside the door of the microwave to find out what "soften/melt 1, soften/melt 2, and soften/melt 3" are just so i can put it on a soften butter preset. worse even yet is that the display abbreviates it all as "St 1, St 2, St 3" and so on. Why in this day and age can the display not have more than like 5 digits? is that so hard? My old microwave used to have many more display digits available and actually say "soften butter" on the display. they also keep making weird standalone buttons like "potato" and "pizza" when they could definitely tie it all into a sensor cook button that you scroll through a menu to select what you are cooking and in what amounts, eliminating the need for like 5 extra buttons on the display….and DONT get me started on the control button pads! why do they think hiding physical buttons behind a thin sheet of plastic for "sleekness" isnt just gonna indent and crack and flake off from all the pressing?

  2. Clocks are worse than microwaves for being archaic. The technology for automatically setting and maintaining the correct time has been available and cheap for decades. (At least in the US, not sure who else has a WWV-like system.)

  3. Up to this day, my mother complains about the time my father gave away their old microwave because of a small defect instead of fixing it. She was never able to find a microwave as good as that one.

  4. What is sad, is that look at site reviews and they repeatedly state that their last microwave lasted 20 yrs. and their newest purchase at best a few yrs. Remember when things could be handed down?

  5. My parents in 1998 got a new microwave, and while not this crazy, it did have a microphone and speaker so the message button could be used to record audio, was intended to be used for things such as a message saying what needed at the store, but at the times being 5-6 years I a few times when nobody was inside recorded a 30 second message of myself just screaming or burping into it, in the later years while we had the microwave that function was rarely used, since the grocery list was on the fridge so you just wrote what was needed as soon as got low or was finished, and whoever went to the store ripped the list off to take with them. To this day have never seen another microwave with an audio recording feature

  6. This is joining the Sunbeam toaster on my list of things I must have! How fun will it be to have a kitchen full of antiques that are better than the best modern junk lol

  7. "Simply the best from Sharp" is not just a throw-away promo line. I can not recall ever having bought a bad product from Sharp and I've had stuff from fridges to microwaves to AV equipment.

  8. I remember my grandparents having one not sure what year but I’m guessing the last run of them. They had the thing for over 10 years using it constantly without issues before they upgraded to a newer one. Might have to look for one as the cheapowave oven I have isn’t very powerful and too small.

  9. Until May 2020, we had an Amana Radarange that my husband purchased in 1975. The thing was big enough to cook the largest turkey you could buy (not that you’d ever want to cook a whole turkey in a microwave) and it weighed well over 100 pounds. It was the most reliable appliance I’d ever seen, never once requiring any repair in 45 years — until it died. It just stopped working one day. Wing early in the pandemic, we couldn’t find someone to come look at it and try to fix it, so we put it out for bulk trash pick-up and ordered a new microwave online. The new microwave is fine — a Consumer Reports top-recommended model — but I can’t imagine it working for the next 45 years.

  10. I like the old ones with a just a timer dial. None of these buttons or displays or clocks. Saw one free the other day, wish I had time to get pick it up, cause that is perfect

  11. Two things: a majority of microwave ovens don't vary the magnetron power level, they just cycle it on and off a specific amount of time.
    the other thing: programming a color LCD takes a lot more work than a segmented display and there's massive variability in the quality and so much more could go wrong with it. A huge majority of vacuum fluorescent displays still work after decades while tiny LCDs often fail in weird ways. I don't expect the color LCD in my 2013 Passat to last forever and the tiny LCD in my 96 Mazda 2300's dashboard has been dead for many years. Meanwhile, there's a VFD in my 95 Geo Metro's radio that's doing fine… was, it was doing fine until I dumped a cup of water right into the radio.

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